Weeda Shoujah Hamdan
Weeda Hamdan is a painter and graphic designer born in Liberia to Lebanese parents. Exposed to a mix of cultures and traditions throughout her childhood, Weeda’s work reflects the complex texture of life as well as its richness.

She began painting at 10 years old, her talent recognized and nurtured by family and teachers. She majored in graphic design at Lebanese American University and opened her own agency at 21, working with clients around the world.

Her entrepreneurial drive, however, did not eclipse her need to paint and for many years she continued to study her craft, taking night classes with Helen Karam. In 2005, she pursued a Masters in Painting and Drawing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Weeda has called Texas home for over a decade. She shares life there with her husband and daughters. Her art has been exhibited by corporations, museums and juried shows nationally and abroad.

Grateful for her own success and good fortune, Weeda believes in giving back or, as she puts it, “painting it forward.” She works to enrich the lives of young people through art appreciation and exploration and has made many philanthropic donations to schools, museums and other institutions.

Now, with Education Unbound, Weeda is painting it forward in another way. She is donating her paintings to the foundation so that 100% of proceeds from their purchase go to supporting the mission of better educating students in rural and poor communities in science, technology and art.

You can view her work here  and learn more about our programs here.
"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."
 John Holmes