Our foundation monitors and reports on the future of work regularly, as it is essential to adapt education programs and public policy, to better anticipate, and adapt our education, career, and life decisions to the advances fast approaching. 

By now, most of you have read the news about the record number of job openings the US has as of June 2017. Over 6 million positions are available according the US Department of Labor (USDL). 
Most people agree that advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will transform modern life by replacing humans in many job. And that raises an interesting question: when will artificial intelligence exceed human performance? More specifically, when will a machine do your job better than you?
Part 1: This post in our Future of Work Series illuminates how Automation, AI, & Robotics impact talent shortages AND how the business community can prepare as well as shape the future of work.
Part 2: In this blog, we explore what education institutions, parents, counselors, non-profit organizations, employees, individuals and governments can do to help shape the future of work.
In public market investing, the robots have taken over.  When will private company investing follow suit? The stock market was once dominated by brokers crunching numbers and doing deals at physical finance hubs such as Wall Street. Today, computer-automated “quantitative funds” are doing much of the analysis, buying, and selling that humans used to do --