Holiday & Weekend Programs

Our STEAM Explorers after school program is a laboratory of engaging learner experiences where we partner with schools to bring a layer of special enrichment to their school day. We’re driven by the curiosities, passions, and interests of the student participants and adapt topics from month-to-month based on student interest. We manage registration, marketing, parent communication, and all logistics. You give us the space and connect us to your fantastic families and students!

After School Programs

Typically hosted on a holiday or weekend, our one-day enrichment programs are fun, hands-on, and completely unique. NuMinds holiday and weekend programs are full- or half-day “mini-camps” centered around a theme which incorporate the principles of creative play, project-based learning and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math).The fun factor of our special programs has kids begging to sign up, and the academic edge with an emphasis on creative and critical thinking has parents bringing them back and teachers raving. Bring one of these unique offerings to your school or organization. We handle all the details, from registration to delivery of an amazing program.

                   Summer Campsograms

Camp Pursuit is a week-long, mixed-aged, academic summer camp based on the concept that campers pursue their passions and cultivate their talents! Young scholars choose their favorite courses from a catalog of interdisciplinary, high-interest STEAM curricula that aligns with their passions and curiosity. Throughout the week, energized “Inspirators” (our NuMinds-trained teachers) guide learners through the courses they’ve selected in a positive, hands-on, mixed-age environment.


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