Our Programs

Education Unbound's programs are designed to support educational institutions in their STEAM efforts to assist underprivileged students in pursuing and achieving their education goals. We also spend significant efforts educating people about the Future of Work, and how to prepare.

We believe that by lending a helping hand to those in need, we can foster future innovation and create lasting change for the better at home and abroad.

Enrichment Programs by NuMinds

Driven by our mission to make the world think deeply via real, inspired learning, we invested in, and partner with NuMinds Enrichment, a company that creates engaging, mixed-age  STEAM programs throughout the year.

From after-school programs and full-day enrichment events, to week-long summer camps, and dynamic training for both parents and teachers , NuMinds strives to fuel the “Edvolution” in thinking and learning for the 21st century. 
The Foundation can help bring NuMinds to you in many ways:
  • Provide NuMinds scholarships to deserving kids
  • Provide free STEAM teacher training to schools
  • help expand NuMinds nationally and internationally
  • Create tuition-free NuMinds programs in Rural markets

Modeled after a very successful project at the Klein ISD, where a mobile classroom “STEAM Express” was launched in 2016, Education Unbound Foundation is exploring launching STEAM Express in the McKinney, TX area and adjacent communities, in partnership with the McKinney ISD Foundation, to enhance the district’s mission of excellence in education.
Photo Credit: Klien ISD Foundation
 STEAM Express is ideal for bringing STEAM learning to kids who might not otherwise have easy access to this type of education and to communities that may not be equipped with the resources. By using cutting-edge technology, STEAM Express hopes to engage students and get them excited about the STEAM subjects that are so crucial to a 21st Century economy.

Support the Addition of Interactive STEAM Labs at Schools

The Foundation will help schools turn any room in the school into a state-of-the-art hands-on children's workshops focused on STEAM. With activities suitable for all ages, students will find workstations to not only augment the existing science and math curriculum but will also expose them to high-tech fields of study they never before had access to.      
Photo Credit: Switch.com
The STEAM LABS has something for all grade levels and interests. The Foundation will help the school train teachers to operate the Labs and to create the right curriculums around the equipment.

The Foundation will install the Labs at qualified schools for a period of time at no cost to the school. However, schools will have the option of keeping their labs indefinitely with financial support from the Foundation and other sponsors.    

Automation in Education Programs

Education Unbound will offer automation and software solutions to educational institutions to support them in their education efforts. This institutional support aims to enhance the level of education in STEAM. Some of these programs will provide
  • People Analytics software for educational institutions by TrenData | Learn More  
  • Career enhancement software solution by Blinkjobs
  • Assessment solutions by Talexes

 ​K-8th Grade

 Holiday & Weekend Programs:
Our STEAM Explorers after school program is a laboratory of engaging learner experiences where we partner with schools to bring a layer of special enrichment to their school day. We’re driven by the curiosities, passions, and interests of the student participants and adapt topics from month-to-month based on student interest. We manage registration, marketing, parent communication, and all logistics. You give us the space and connect us to your fantastic families and students!

 After School Programs:
Typically hosted on a holiday or weekend, our one-day enrichment programs are fun, hands-on, and completely unique. NuMinds holiday and weekend programs are full- or half-day “mini-camps” centered around a theme which incorporate the principles of creative play, project-based learning and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math).The fun factor of our special programs has kids begging to sign up, and the academic edge with an emphasis on creative and critical thinking has parents bringing them back and teachers raving. Bring one of these unique offerings to your school or organization. We handle all the details, from registration to delivery of an amazing program.

 Summer Camps:

Camp Pursuit is a week-long, mixed-aged, academic summer camp based on the concept that campers pursue their passions and cultivate their talents! Young scholars choose their favorite courses from a catalog of interdisciplinary, high-interest STEAM curricula that aligns with their passions and curiosity. Throughout the week, energized “Inspirators” (our NuMinds-trained teachers) guide learners through the courses they’ve selected in a positive, hands-on, mixed-age environment.
 Teacher Training:
 The NuMinds foundational philosophy is simple: make “real, inspired learning” the basis for all educational interactions. As teaching professionals, we all appreciate the power of engaged authenticity when working with students, but why is it that we seem to throw our inspired pedagogy out the window when working with fellow adults? We believe lighting that spark of curiosity and excitement is just as important for the 30 year teaching veteran as it is for a Kindergartner on the first day of school. Yes, it’s possible! We know that evolving standards keep us constantly on our toes. In addition, a more and more dynamic student population demands intelligent, “next level” teaching to stay enriched and engaged. To meet these challenges, you need a staff who feels invigorated, informed and inspired. THAT is the mission of all NuMinds professional Development.
  Parents Workshop:
Parents of the gifted and talented face unique challenges both in nurturing their child’s special intellectual capacities and curiosities as well as embracing his/her asynchronous social and emotional development. We have drawn on our unique experience with gifted students to develop a series of workshops to support parents in these challenges. In each of these workshops, we leverage years of experience working with gifted students along with our specialized educational backgrounds to empower parents of the gifted with straightforward but inspired tools and wisdom. Empowered and informed parents raise empowered and passionate kids. That’s our goal at NuMinds!