Our Programs

Education Unbound (EdU) programs assist underprivileged students
pursue their education and achieve goals.

The Foundation also supports established

educational institutions in their efforts.

We believe that by lending a helping hand to those in need we can foster future innovation

and create lasting change for the better at home and abroad. 

Student Programs

EdU awards partial and full scholarships to applicants with limited resources who also demonstrate exceptional aptitude for science, math and engineering. 

Loan Guarantees
EdU offers low-interest loans to qualified candidates. We negotiate terms with banking institutions on behalf of the student.
Learning & Research Equipment
EdU provides financial support for students to obtain the materials, supplies, and equipment they need.

Career Placement Support
EdU advises graduates in the process of finding gainful employment, helping them forge sucessful careers.
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Institutional Programs

EdU will financially support educational institutions with  ambitions like our own. We will work with each institution to understand the organization's needs and design strategies and programs to help. 

Learning & Research Equipment
EdU plans to provide educational institutions with the financial support to acquire research equipment and offer the best in consultation and advisement, according to industry best practices. 
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Rural America
The crippling effects of rural flight have been noted for years. With farming and manufacturing jobs leaving U.S. towns for abroad, millions struggle to find their place in an economy that thrives on high-skilled labor in advanced technologies.

EdU supports education in advanced technologies in rural areas to increase the number of high-skilled people in those populations. This new working class, along with the lower cost of rural markets and remote working capabilities will be a boon to these economies.   

Cross Training
In the next 10 years, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in the professional and service classes to increase by nearly 17 percent while jobs concentrated in manufacturing will continue to decline.

Emerging Markets

The positive influence of technology on financial services, energy, agriculture, among other industries, will lead to global job growth, galvanized in part by the increased rate of entrepreneurship. Fewer people will live in poverty while more great ideas will have the chance to flourish.

In order to sustain the benefits of new technology, training young people is critical. Furthermore, that training must be comprehensive. Students need to be able to provide future employers with creative as well as practical solutions.

EdU plans to help by creating and supporting educational programming that prepares students for careers in emerging markets.