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People Analytics Software for
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TrenData Solution Overview
TrenData is proud to work toward the common goal of a better and more educated society by offering a program whereby educational institutions can receive up to one year of our People Analytics software for free with an approved application through Education Unbound.
You have business questions, and in most cases, you have the data to answer them. TrenData is the only solution that makes connecting your people data simple for everyone.
Analytics view allows you to see where you are today and where you have been going over selected time periods. Coupled with an events overlay, you can now see why trends happen and if they need correcting.
Goodbye Reports. Hello Insights!
TrenData is a cloud based platform company providing organizations the ability to generate predictive analytics by unifying and trending metrics from multiple HR software applications.
Once you have an understanding of what has happened, TrenData provides the ability to look into the future. Our analysis and modeling capabilities allow you to see and alter the future for better business results.
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