Nicole Dominique Le Maire

"There's so many kids in the world who are told, 'You can't do this, you can't do that.' Those are all put-downs. I'm all about pick-ups. You have to pick people up and pay it forward." - Nate Robinson

Nicole Le Maire is a highly valued leader within the Global HR industry with 20 years of experience in people operations management. Remote working and distributed teams are her “thing” (- long before it became “a thing.”)

As a multi-talented woman entrepreneur and an international people connector, Nicole is an expert in leading (remote) people-based activity from a strategic and operational perspective, with a gift for developing talent. In other words, she designs, creates and support modern people operations helping professionals to work effectively together.

She strongly believes that innovation in the workplace starts with creativity in education, so as a hobby she creates creative online courses and learning experiences that people love.

Nicole earned her BA, MAHRM and MBA from various international universities. She currently works around the world as a digital nomad.