Education Unbund
​​ Education Unbound was formed to build up STEAM in
Education. By doing so, we are supporting education while helping reduce the expected talent shortages in technology and mitigate some of the negative impact automation will have on many traditional jobs.
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Our Focus

People are losing jobs to automation in many industries, and 47% of the jobs could disappear in 20 years.

Moreover, the demand for high-tech talent is high, yet supply is low, and the high-tech talent shortage is getting worse.

Our society may end up like a town where half the people are starving, and the orchard’s fruits are rotting on the trees.

Our mission is to help increase the supply of high-tech talent and lower the impact of job losses due to automation. We will do this by helping increase the supply of STEAM graduates, support re-training, and cross-training programs to help people who are facing unemployment build new skills that are in high demand.

Within the STEAM domain, we will give special attention to Information Technology (IT), environmental science, and renewable energy.


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Our Programs

Education Unbound's programs are designed to support educational institutions in their STEAM efforts to assist underprivileged students in pursuing and achieving their education goals. We also spend significant efforts educating people about the Future of Work, and how to prepare.

We believe that by lending a helping hand to those in need, we can foster future innovation and create lasting change for the better at home and abroad.    
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