College Bound

Helping Students on Their Way to College

For many students, finding a way to attend college can be a real challenge. The College Bound program is here to help with the most practical solutions for high school students and their parents. We offer step-by-step instructions and guidance for applying for college and ensuring the best possible chance of success for your application. Our program will provide help in the following areas:

  • Reviewing social media and general online presence
  • Establishing a professional and permanent email name
  • Requesting recommendation letters
  • Scheduling standardized tests
  • Selecting universities
  • Navigating the application process
  • Applying for financial aid and scholarships
  • Writing thank-you correspondence to universities

Each of these steps could be critical to your acceptance at the college of your choice. If you need help applying for college, our program could be the right answer for you. Here are some tips for applying for college successfully.

Social Media and Online Presence
One of the first steps in the College Bound program is a general clean-up of your social media sites and other online presence. Before beginning the application process, you should remove any potentially damaging or offensive material from all of your social media profiles and other online venues. This can help you to make the most positive impression on colleges and universities when applying for admission to these institutions.

Making the Right Initial Impression by Email
Your email addresses should also undergo a clean-up process to ensure that you present a professional and serious image. Selecting one email address for personal correspondence and another that represents you to universities can help you to identify important communications more quickly. We can provide you with practical suggestions for ensuring that you can stay in touch with the colleges of your choice.

Requesting Recommendations
The right recommendations can make a real impact on those responsible for reviewing your applications. For most students, the process of requesting recommendations from favorite teachers and administrators should begin during the junior year. Our program shows you how to obtain recommendations that will be accepted by the schools to which you apply.

Scheduling the ACT and SAT
Standardized testing can help you to qualify for scholarships and can have a significant impact on your chances of acceptance to the universities of your choice. Most colleges use either the ACT or the SAT to determine eligibility for admittance. We recommend taking each test at least twice to maximize your score and to boost your chances of high scores on these standardized tests.

Applying to the Schools of Your Choice

Our program is here for students who need help applying for college and offers step-by-step instructions and guidance for every part of the process:

  • Selecting the right schools
  • Tracking deadlines and requirements
  • Applying for application fee waivers or paying application fees
  • Crafting custom applications for specific schools

We work with you to ensure that the application process goes smoothly and that you can make the best impression on decision-makers at the universities you have selected.

Dealing With the Costs of College
Financial aid can make college much more affordable. Our team will work with you to ensure that you stay on track for success. We can help you find the best scholarship opportunities for your specific situation and can offer guidance on financial aid forms and deadlines.

Saying Thank You
Taking time out to express your gratitude to your teachers, school administrators and family members can allow you to build a supportive community committed to your success. This can inspire greater enthusiasm that can be reflected in the recommendation letters you receive and the help provided by these people along the way.

College Bound is part of the Education Unbound family of programs and offers expert help for students who need help applying for college. We work with underserved students in all age groups to ensure that they can access the right educational opportunities for the brightest future possible. If you or someone you know could use a little-added assistance in applying for college, contact us today. We look forward to the chance to serve you.