ArtWorks Forward
Transformational Art for Your Workspace

Entrepreneurs and CEOs all over the world are recognizing the benefits of deliberately including selected, aesthetically-pleasing artwork in their office decor. Not only does a beautiful or thought-provoking piece inspire both employees and clients, but it can enhance how clients feel when they walk into your business, affecting their mood and how they interact with you and what you offer.

Education Unbound is excited to offer original, one of a kind art pieces for rent through our ArtWorks Forward program. 

We are the only nonprofit in Texas offering this service, and our program is unique in that rental revenue directly supports Education Unbound’s overarching mission of making STEAM education opportunities available to disadvantaged children and underserved school districts.

Through ArtWorks Forward, you can enhance your office space with one-of-a-kind paintings, while also supporting highly needed STEAM educational programs!

Stimulate and Unlock Creative Potential

It is now well documented that looking at artwork stimulates imagination and brain activity, unlocking creative potential. This inspiration helps generate innovative ideas, leading to improved, more efficient business practices, and economic growth. Displaying artwork does more than simply making the space more pleasing or impressing visitors – it can increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity.
Enhance and Energize the Atmosphere

Hanging paintings of peaceful, natural settings will encourage clients and employees to feel calm and peaceful, generating a general sense of calm. Conversely, a vibrant piece of artwork can add personality and energy to a conference room or breakroom, helping spur lively discussion or cheerful camaraderie. Thoughtful, conscientious selection of artwork subtly influences the space in which it is hung, affecting employee and client attitudes as soon as they walk through the door.

Support STEAM Education, While Enhancing Your Surroundings

The artwork rentals' revenue helps us bring STEAM programming to deserving, underserved children. By displaying artwork sourced through ArtWorks Forward, you make a direct and tangible impact on children within the same community that supports your business. Renting artwork for your office or workplace is a wonderful way to show community support and commitment to social good. It takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes resources to help them thrive!
Let’s help them together!
ArtWorks Forward Rental Program
  • If you decide to purchase the artwork at the end of your lease term, 50% of the rental cost paid can be applied toward the retail price of the painting.
  • Each piece will be delivered and installed by an art hanging professional to ensure safe, secure hanging, and the best placement for your space.
  • If a painting sells to another buyer as a result of being displayed on your premises, your organization will receive 10% of the sale price of the artwork as a “thank you.”
  • Artwork rentals are currently available in the greater DFW area, including Collin, Denton, Tarrant, and Dallas counties.
 Available Paintings for Rent 

Three simple steps to get you started

1. Look at your space and determine how many pieces of art you need, or for multiple art pieces, our artist can help by consulting with you.

2. Browse our online gallery by selecting the pieces you like.
        The cost is automatically calculated based on your selections.   

3. Add your choices to your cart and enhance your space!

We will contact you to set up delivery and installation by an art hanging professional.

Now congratulate yourself on taking the steps to enhance your workspace, while also investing in children’s educational futures!

Painting It Forward to ArtWorks Forward

As a child in a turbulent, war-torn country, Weeda Hamdan found that the act and process of creating art gave her a much needed mental escape. In 2016, she made it her mission to help underprivileged children change their stories by giving them the educational opportunities to experience a similar escape. After co-founding Education Unbound, she now “paints it forward” by donating ALL her paintings to Education Unbound’s “Artworks Forward” program. Each painting rented or purchased supports the creation of scholarships and programs focused on art and STEAM education.

To learn more about the artist and her story, please click here .