Many Hands Make Light Work

Each and every day is different, and we’re always in need for volunteers to help us. Volunteer with us and help us help others.

Education Unbound Ambassador Volunteer

One of the key volunteer positions for our Foundation, the Ambassador, represents the Foundation in their community at all levels. As a volunteer position, the Ambassador will work independently, set their own time, and priorities for the sake of achieving the desired results.

Below are a few of the activities that Ambassadors typically undertake: 

  • Establish own goals, plans for community, and present to the foundation for approval
  • Continuously research and help
  • EdU expand its knowledge base
  • Solicit, or write content and submit for publishing through the foundation website
  • ​​Help spread the word through whatever means are at his/her disposal:
    • Social Media
    • Local events
    • Attend local events/conferences
  • Handle community liaison for the foundation. Connect with schools, companies, and local government.
  • Recruit and lead Local volunteers
  • Connect with experts in our domains for research, training, or other support
  • Represent Edu in any activities that take place in the community and speak on behalf of organization at the request of the executive director
  • Present grants to recipients in his/her community
  • Accept application forms from individuals and schools and provide the executive director with recommendations
  • Join associations in the area that will help us accomplish the Foundation goals.
  • Attendfoundation meetings and events as needed

The Ambassador is required to learn all about the foundation Vision, Mission, Plans, etc.. and to keep a set of marketing materials on hand.

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