To nurture the huge potential of great minds     
Education Unbound was formed to build up STEAM in Education. By doing so, we are supporting education while helping reduce the expected talent shortages in technology and mitigate some of the negative impact automation will have on many traditional jobs.

We do so in 3 ways:
1. Educate people on the need to prepare for The Future of Work.
2. Support educational institutions.
3. Help qualified students to achieve an education of the highest
standard in modern technologies with the emphasis on STEAM.

Special support is given to cross-train candidates seeking to transition from industries with declining employment opportunities and candidates living in rural communities throughout the United States where new specialization would stem the downturn of their employability.

Education Unbound is a Tax Exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501 (c) (3).

Education Unbound's focus is on
​STEAM Education  

People are losing jobs to automation in many industries, and 47% of the jobs could disappear in 20 years.

Moreover, the demand for high-tech talent is high, yet supply is low, and the high-tech talent shortage is getting worse.

Our mission is to help increase the supply of high-tech talent and lower the impact of job losses due to automation. We will do this by helping increase the supply of STEAM graduates, support re-training, and cross-training programs to help people who are facing unemployment build new skills that are in high demand.

Within the STEAM domain, we will give special attention to Information Technology (IT), environmental science, and renewable energy.


The Foundation's goal is to support programs that help parents and kids better prepare for the future. We help expand the focus on STEAM education so we can increase the number of children that pursue it as a career. We plan to do this by:

  • Help create and support STEAM programs that create excitement and engagement in kids at an early age.
  • Support educational institutions that take the right steps to support STEAM education.
  • Support public policies that help in addressing this urgency.
  • Expand training offerings to cover the new skills that are in high demand.

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