To nurture the
potential of 

great minds
Our Foundation was formed to connect deserving students to quality education in science and techonology with a special emphasis on digital arts, computer technology, renewable energy and environmental sciences. 

The foundation provides assistance to qualified candidates seeking to expand their skills but for whom the necessary resources are out of reach.

Special support will be given to cross-train candidates transitioning from industries with declining employment opportunities, as well as those from rural areas throughout the United States where specialized training could help reverse the tide of economic decline. 
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Education Unbound programs  help  students achieve their goals in science and technology through financial support.
We  also contribute to the efforts of 
institutions that have established educational programs
​for students in need.
Our aim is to
 foster innovation and create lasting change for the better at home and abroad.
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Our Focus

 At Education Unbound we have made it our focus to support contributions to the
advancement of techonolgy and environmental sustainability.  

These fields are pillars of our future.  To encourage and cultivate innovation, we better equip students with the tools necessary to build this future and flourish.
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Renewable Energy

Environmental Science
Digital Design
Software Development

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